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I am sure there will soon be a number of additional users joining this group as the word spreads.  In light of that, I am of the opinion a little bit of additional organization will help us and Mark both keep ideas and feedback more easily accessible.  People seem to be embracing the hastags, and I think that's a great way to help keep our ideas easily grabbed my Mark and any team he may have.  I have a couple other suggestions on the process here that might help.  Let me know what you may think of it. 
Disclaimer: I don't mean to assume any degree of "official" coordination here.  I do similar coordination of users and technology at work, so I slip into it naturally.  For all I know, one of you wonderful folks will say two sentences after this that makes all my typing irrelevant.  :)  I always bow to the better ideas.  Here I go anyway.
Helping Prioritize Most Relevant Features
Obviously, some things are easier to create than others, but as Mark gets more users, more things will be suggested and we may need some way to sort out what is a priority as the group swells beyond what 1 person can be expected to wrangle just by reading threads.  I may be a little premature here, but better to get ahead of a possible issue perhaps?
On that subject I had a couple thoughts.
1) I see two general features as priority items so far: Photos and Databases.  I know photos is already underway, and see it as a priority because a lot of groups share photos as a reason for their existsance, or otherwise would find it a nice feature to use.  Common, popular, and very useful, nuff said.  I suggest Databases as an equal priority to Photos because we know that Yahoo hosed theirs up, and so many groups are in the market for a new home specifically because of that.  These two features would help increase appeal and get more testers and feedback available sooner.  Local activity groups make a good degree of use of that type feature for things like address lists, etc. so it could be helpful to them right away.  Plus the more reminiscent of our old homes the better. :)  This is not to exclude any things in the works now, or trivialize anyone else's thoughts, just an observation of two features likely to bring the most gains soonest.
2) Polls.  Polls I suggest not because I  feel they are as frequently used as the other two features, but because they would make a great feature on a group such as this one, so that Mark can get a quick read on the popularity of certain features that might take a little while to roll out, or compete with demand for other features.  He can also respond to user interest with more frequent updates if he sees something is on fire.  Even if limited to this group as a testbed, it could be a helpful tool.  Personally I would love to see this feature included down the line some day regardless.  It was a nice feature to have.  More on that on a seperate thread though.
That's my pitch.  I'll start a wishlist hashtag for these items in the meantime to help collect some of the feedback on each feature in general.  Let me know if you think I'm on the right track, I am just sort of carrying on ideas I had on the way home..  :)
No matter what, I could not be happier about this service.  More on that later too.  Over to wiser minds than mine, aka all of you. 

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