locked Re: hide photo details #suggestion



The regular-album ("uploaded") photos appear just once when you click on
them, with the information directly below, and stay that way. The
"emailed photos" appear initially the same as the uploaded ones for a
nanosecond, and then that display is immediately replaced by a very
large version of the photo (taking several seconds to load in its
entirety), with the information finally appearing at the bottom.
I don't know why, but I don't see any difference in behavior.

For both types of albums, clicking on the photo causes it load once at a size that is scaled to the fit within the width of the browser window. The Title, information, as well as the Download button (and maybe other buttons) are then below the photo. In one or two columns depending on screen width, and it may require scrolling to see them, depending on the relative size of the photo and the browser window.

I think you and Mark are saying that the emailed and the uploaded
photos are two different beasts internally, so this is not extremely
surprising and seems inconsequential.
Whatever the cause, if they're loading correctly for you in the end then I agree that the transitory effect seems inconsequential.


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