locked Re: hide photo details #suggestion



The orange tabby photo behaves exactly like the photos in the "emailed
photos" section of my own group: namely, the data appears for a split
second after I click on the photo, and then it goes away to be replaced
by a large version of the photo itself.
Hm, that's different than what I'm seeing (Firefox 45.0.1 on Win7 Pro 64-bit, not that that should matter). 1280x1024 monitor with Firefox full screen (which doesn't seem to matter either).

Are you sure it didn't just get pushed down the page? can you see it if you scroll down below the large photo?

Did everything else on the page go away too (the left nav buttons, logo and breadcrumb bar, photo title below)? That would sound like the Download button got pressed somehow. Can you use the browser "Back" button to get back to the page with all the info?


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