locked Posting in Expanded Message View


I was reading through the new messages and find that following them in chronological order in Expanded Message View works best for me. (I really think all the different functional possibilities are what makes Groups so unique.) I usually start in compact Message view and note the message number where I left off. When I change to Expanded, the view takes me to the top and I scroll back down. Can the message number also show up in Expanded View so I know how far down I need to go?

Also, when I click on reply it seemed to jump to the top again. I may have done something wrong, but it seems that the view should stay at that point where the "Reply" I clicked on was located. I had to scroll back down and find the open composition window. I don't know if others have noticed these things or not. I usually don't post this much, but it seems that if we don't use it pretty hard, we won't find these little details.

Again, thank you Mark! Even as it is, it's SO MUCH BETTER than what Yahoo has kludged into.


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