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Nightowl >8#

Okay, I'm up here at the car place on my laptop (trying out their new wifi counter)

Dan, I thought some more about this,  (contacting the media), and here are my thoughts:

1. Yahoo has pretty much done everything it can to us. It's already broken groups, screwed up mail, and lost many people's archives and data.The only thing they can try to do to us would be refuse to let us leave a group or delete a group. However, that didn't stop anyone before, because they may be able to prevent us from deleting groups or "leaving them"  but they can't really keep us there.

2. I already put the word out on Twitter about this place when Mark gave me the green light the other day, and I have a bunch of reporters that follow me. I don't think they will pay much attention to us now as they weren't doing it before. Plus there is the post on the Blog, where reporters & etc. have been directed for over a year.

3. Mark needs people to populate his groups, and a story in the media might really help, I have a couple particular special reporters that might consider mentioning it. And two of them did a story about our plight, but no one cared in mainstream media,

4. If we DID get a story out in mainstream media, I think it would only help our cause, not hurt it. Yahoo can either fix things and let us keep what we had, (which is no longer likely), or let us leave. I don't think there is much else they can do except delete groups completely, and I think they are headed there anyway.

What are your thoughts?

And Mark, if you want us to move this discussion topic to MMSanctuary, we can. Just let me know.


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