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Nightowl >8#

Did you just look at the "shipwreck" post or did you check out the blog itself? We have been working to get the attention of stockholders, media and advertisers about what Yahoo has been doing since August of 2013.

A couple times we got a story done, but it was never in a big enough location to hit mainstream media. I've written over 100 reporters, 100 advertisers, and countless other investors and stockholders. We were trying to get Yahoo to see the light and change back to what worked.

I was about to throw in the towel a few days ago, give up on the crusade, because I told Bonaforte I would NOT wait 2 years...but Mark came to the rescue, and maybe we can move and flee Yahoo after all instead of remaining stuck there with all the broken issues and failures.

Here is a URL for the blog index, if you or anyone else wants to check it out.https://modsandmembersblog.wordpress.com/index/

It was a labor of love, a fight dutifully fought with passion and hope. Having been the one who helped save Classic Groups back in 2010, I thought maybe I could do it again...and so did everyone else. I was feeling like I had let them down, but part of our plan was also to find somewhere else to go, and it seems I have possibly done just that. Hmmm wonder if the media would be interested in THAT.

Nightowl >8#

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