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On 28 Feb 2016 at 12:56, Shal Farley wrote:

Understood, and I shouldn't have implied that the description couldn't be
improved. Just a caution that the details will always fall short in someone's
eyes. I wouldn't want Groups.io to paint itself into too small a corner with an
overly-specific definition.

Myself, I'd prefer an officially "laissez faire" attitude towards non-public
content: let each group establish its own community standards. But I understand
and accept why Mark says that won't work for Groups.io.
I think we're fully agreed now (both your paragraphs), although I don't think
there's any real danger of Groups.io painting itself into a corner. In fact,
just in case there are any legal implications of that nature, it might be worth
including a note that that the code consists of Mark's rules, and that he
reserves the right to change any aspect at any time without notice.


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