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Thanks kr402 but I don't think you read what I wrote. My point is the "areas
typically covered by a bathing suit" vary enormously from place to place. In
Saudi Arabia, for women, it's everything except the eyes. In the south of
France, such as places like Nice and Cannes, a typical bathing suit for a woman
is a minimal thong, or even less. People need to know much more precisely what
they are permitted to do and what is not allowed, and that description is just
not adequate for the purpose. The same sort of thing applies to terms like
"X-rated" and even "sexual acts" - does simple kissing or hugging count as a
sexual act? It does in some countries, but not in others.

This will make no difference whatever to my own usage. I have several small
groups, still on Yahoo at present, but they are mostly concerned only with
family history, and the other one is for local members of a political party, so
this sort of problem would not arise. However, I see this issue as a potential
future trouble point for Mark, and I want him to achieve the success that he
certainly deserves.

Jim Fisher

On 26 Feb 2016 at 14:31, kr402 via Groups.io wrote:

On Feb 26, 2016, at 2:14 PM, "Jim Fisher" <@jimella> wrote:

this still leaves the problem of people knowing what you mean by "adult" or
I am not Mark, but this makes it very clear to me.


we define as adult content, nudity or pornography, groups that contain the
following would clearly NOT be allowed:

Depictions or images of sexual acts or implied sexual activity
Nudity (exposed or see-though coverage of areas typically covered by a bathing
suit or underwear) Graphic photos or videos Fetishes
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