locked Re: A couple of questions



On Sun, Jan 11, 2015 at 8:09 PM, Feathered Leader <featheredleader@...> wrote:

Something to note, as you are reading in Chronological order using Next, if you suddenly find yourself at the current message numbers, it means there was a post deleted. I found that out, but if you put the #'s in one at a time, you get back on track.

Example, I read #19, hit next. It took me to the newest posts. Hit back, inputted #20, same thing, hit back, inputted #21 same thing, hit back, inputted #22, got back on track.

That shouldn't happen. When using the previous and next links, it should skip over any deleted/missing messages. If you can reproduce this not happening correctly, please send me a link to my corp.groups.io address and I'll take a look.


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