locked Re: Draft Code of Conduct


I just took a look at the Ning page at

Two things strike me about it as being unreasonable.

1. It says in the list of things not allowed: "Nudity (exposed or see-though
coverage of areas typically covered by a bathing suit or underwear)"

Typically covered by a bathing suit where? In some places a typical female
bathing suit covers everything from the upper thigh to the shoulder, while in
others it is just a thong (or even less). Don't they know the internet is
international, and these things vary enormously from place to place, both
within and between countries as well as over time?

2. It says what is permitted includes "Breast Feeding networks, provided that
there is no visible nipple or areola"

So what is supposed to be wrong with a nipple (existing specifically for
children remember)? Does the prohibition on revealing them only apply to women
or also to men? If the latter, it's at variance with the "typical bathing suit"
rule mentioned above. If the former then it is an example of sex
discrimination, which I believe is itself forbidden in the proposed Groups.io
CoC (I could be wrong there - I haven't checked the proposed CoC for this).

This is one area where I think even Yahoo have got it nearer to right - they
have adult groups with restricted access. Tumblr, I think, do it even better,
by simply insisting that adult blogs are clearly labelled as such and leaving
it to parents to decide and control what their children have access to, just as
they have to away from the keyboard.

As I have said previously, I entirely agree with the points made by Mark B. on
this whole subject.

Jim Fisher

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