locked Re: Disable archives?


Disabling the message archives would remove one of the great features of groups. Without a searchable archives and all the history contained therein, my groups would be no better than Facebook Groups. Our group has a message archive going back to 1998, with almost 84,000 posts. We are by nature a group focused on industrial history. This includes a great number of historical figures some members hold in perhaps exaggerated respect. In the archives are first person accounts from people now deceased. There are also many, many discussions of information turned up in more recent research, and commented on by those who were there at the time. They are so important that I manually copied over 81,600 messages before I was "assimilated by the borg". No, we're not ready to lose our archives.

This is also why having people delete their posts is of concern to me. We have had a number of people who 'took their marbles and went home' because they didn't like what they heard from those who had learned information that poked holes in their beliefs. What those people brought to the discussion was of much value, but today we are left with half a discussion. In my mind, what has been posted is recent historical fact. It reminds me of the joke line about 'what has been seen cannot be unseen'. We constantly struggle to deal with revisionist history, and even allowing posters to edit their messages encourages that. I'd much rather they posted follow-up messages. One sad fact we have to deal with is a previous owner who deleted some of the oldest messages that he thought were not of value. We now have gaping holes that are apparent, even though it was before the current message numbering.

So delete my message archives?? You might as well delete my group!


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