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David P. Dillard

First of all, I took a look at your Yahoo Groups shipwreck page and it is very interesting.

You mention use of groups by people with disabilities. As a result of a lawsuit against Penn State on the issues of web accessibility, colleges are industriously making their web pages accessible. I have quite a few research guides made private until redone in accessible formats, all created before this was an issue. We were also admonished of a tool on Mozilla called the Wave test. I use this regularly. I just tested two group vendors, Yahoo had twelve accessibility errors on the page I tested. Nabble had 40 accessibility errors, a list on JISC using Listserv had four. Groups IO had one error and this would pass if it was on Temple University web space. In short, Groups IO may be the most accessible discussion group server out there, there are others I did not test as I just wanted members to be aware of this added benefit of Groups IO.

Everyone have a great week.

David Dillard
Temple University
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On Sun, 11 Jan 2015, Feathered Leader wrote:

I know it's an old message but I HAD to reply to this:
David P. Dillard wrote on 11/10/14:>>There is also another matter to consider here when making comparisons with matter to
consider here when making comparisons with Yahoo Groups, Google Groups and Facebook. When is the last time you saw the owner
of any of these corporations posting how to use these groups information daily, answering questions and so forth. This is not
duplicated in any other group service. The user is basically on their own.<<
As the organizer and founder of the Yahoo Crusade of 2013-2014, ---2015? I completely appreciate the fact that we not only
have a beta testing area to work in, but that we have a compassionate, caring and open-minded individual such as Mark, to help
us rebuild or salvage so much of what we have lost.
When Yahoo upended Classic Groups, we had no warning. People were caught so off guard, lost archives, photos, some lost whole
groups. No one cared. When we begged to just let us go back into Classic and retrieve our archives, photos, and other data,
and then we would leave forever, never to complain again, we were still denied that.
Maybe many people did learn that archiving is important, but I still believe that Yahoo was completely wrong in blindsiding so
many people, many of them handicapped, the way that they did. So someone like Mark, who is willing to listen to us, modify
things, tweak this or that, is a God Send.
Someone mentioned in an earlier post I just read that it would be hard to populate this site without seeding groups. I
completely disagree. Just tell the thousands and thousands of Yahoo Group users that it is here. That's all it would take. And
since I have just now discovered this on January 9th, 2015, that is exactly what I intend to do. Just give me a little time,
as my elderly parents tend to take up a lot of it!
We posted once, on the Yahoo Crusade blog, "If you code it, we will come:
He's coded it. We've discovered it, and trust me....we'll come.
Nightowl >8#
Yahoo Crusade Leader

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