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David P. Dillard

You may want to consider a Gmail email account as a "notebook". It is searchable with Google search and will be a place you can send all the messages you think you may need in the future as well as notes you want to send yourself with the ability to search word and phrase combinations when you need specific information rather than spending lots of time paging through a notebook trying to find a hidden treasure. One can even have different email accounts for different subject areas if one wants. You can also send your group members specific archived messages from that email to answer their questions and have that message also in your archive for future use.

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On Sun, 11 Jan 2015, Feathered Leader wrote:

Thank you, Shal!
I need to get a notebook out and start jotting all this down! I'm only up to having read message1- 22 so far, but I'm learning
a lot!

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