locked Re: Message Approval-Confused!!!!


On Tue, Feb 23, 2016 at 12:00 pm, Me and BobbieSue <sylvester2007dc@hotmail.com> wrote:
How can a member 'reply' to a message that I have not approved to be posted on
the group?
Assuming none of the people involved are moderators, the most common way this happens is if someone sends a message both to a specific person and a group in mail. Then the specific person does a Reply All to the mail message before it is posted in the group. So you get the reply before you've approved the original.

Should Groups.io attempt to detect this? (A reply to a message that is moderated and not approved, when the reply is by someone who would normally be unmoderated.) I imagine detection would not be perfect.

In olden times, when mail to certain sites was really slow, this sometimes resulted in a reply actually being received before the original by a mailing list, but I doubt that would happen in the modern era.


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