locked Re: Edits, deletions, moderation, oh my!

Nightowl >8#

Hi Susan!

Glad you're here! I just finished reading the entire archives of this Beta group, (yes, 600+ messages), and I'm trying to learn all I can. But I'm asking Mods & Members people to give me all the help they can, because as you know, my elderly parents seem to command a lot of my attention these days. ;)

What I would ideally LOVE someone to do, is to compare this list below from the Blog post of "If You Code it we will come"  to the list of what is available here. Then I could give MM more information about what is already implemented, or will be implemented here, so that they would have more to consider when thinking of moving their groups.

So anyone who wants to help in that way, have at it! The list is below!





Here is what we need for our Groups Platform:

  • An interface that is accessible through both mail and website.
  • Customizable home pages where we can choose colors, fonts, photos, and sizes for the group pages.
  • The ability to have all messages appear in a single list, not in individual forums.
  • Message archives that are stored and always available through page view.
  • Messages ordered chronologically (newest or oldest first) or by threads as desired.
  • Messages that have post #’s and are searchable.
  • Controls that are readily visible and don’t require mouse-over.
  • Full moderation tools for Group owners for members, messages, attachments, etc.
  • A My Groups page where moderators can see all their groups and whatever moderation tasks are needed for each one.
  • Ability to access member lists by page view and export the whole list into a PDF file, Excel, database, etc.
  • Capability to handle a large number of members (don’t know the limit for Yahoo’s Groups).
  • A section to store links.
  • A section to store files.
  • A working interactive database.
  • An event calendar accessible to all.
  • Ability to invite members
  • Ability to add members.
  • Ability to import an existing member list from another group.
  • Ability to ban or preban members.
  • Ability to have the member’s real name associated with their e-mail on the member’s list for Owner/Mod view only.
  • Hosting for photos, with lots of storage, customizable photo organization and sorting options.

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