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David P. Dillard

I just created a group and these groups do look great, I hope to be sending a message soon and will see how the service is working.
Thanks so much for putting this all together. Can one imagine hearing from the owner of Google or of Yahoo to regularly interact regarding how the groups are going and what is being done with them?

David Dillard
Temple University
(215) 204 - 4584

On Sun, 12 Oct 2014, Mark Fletcher wrote:

Hi Shal,
How about:

"To join any groups you must log in below. If you haven't already registered with Groups.io you can register now by
entering your email address below and choosing a new password that you will use to log in to Groups.io."
Good suggestion. I've made the change.
2) Very clever that you apparently picked up my "Full name" from the Display name field of the confirmation email sent
back during registration. This item started out as noticing that there was no place on the Join form to enter my screen
Thanks. :) Any time a message is sent to us from a user without the full name field set, we try to set it from the email.
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