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Nightowl >8#

Once again, replying to an older message:

Shal wrote on 11/21/14:>>Infinite scroll suits some people. Notably Yahoo Groups and Groups.io have both adopted that style for for presenting message lists and messages in topic.<<

And that implementation alone was one of the worst things they did to us. Many people, including me, cannot handle infinite scroll. My hands go numb and fingers tingle. Handicapped people couldn't handle it, it was an absolute nightmare. We always depended on the page view, which thankfully, Mark has included here, and we always counted on being able to use message numbers.

I am on Twitter, I admit it, as @featheredleader. But I got on Twitter for only one reason: to crusade against Yahoo. Mind you, it came in handy also when Ferguson, Missouri found itself in the midst of rioting and arson, (Yes, I live very near there, and grew up there), but even then I can't handle endless scroll. Only reason I can handle it some on Twitter is I use a Mouse with a button command and because it does end, it's not endless.

So in response to the "Please don't make this like Facebook" comments, my comment is if there is such a thing as an endless scroll, please please, make it optional.

My biggest problem with Facebook however, has little to do with how it's formatted in general. It has to do with how it works...where everyone and their brother can link and connect to you and see your posts and three parties down's posts and etc. NO privacy, NO protection.

If I wanted to be that connected, I wouldn't have stayed with Yahoo Groups as long as I have.

Nightowl >8#

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