locked Re: Editing messages


Please allow me to express my opinion as to why I think Ro has a valid point regarding the moderators having the ability to turn on or off the ability for group members to edit messages. 

I subscribe to a newsletter from a different web site.  The newsletter includes bits from news articles; but, to read the full article, the readers have to click on the link to the article. 

The articles do allow readers to comment and the readers are allowed to edit their comments within ten minutes of pressing the submit button.  Comments are not included in the newsletter so there is no edited comment appearing in a reader's inbox. 

For forums that do not send out messages to an individual's email inbox, I see no issue with giving people the opportunity to edit a message within a set time period.  However, for groups where group members can sign up for no mail, special notices, individual email, or digests, I do understand how frustrating, time consuming, or what have you it can be.  Actually, I think if all members of a group are on No Mail, then this might not even be an issue. 

In many groups, if a group member reads a message that he or she has written and sees that there is a mistake and wonders why he or she did not catch it before the message was sent, it is a simple matter to just open a new message form to admit that there was a mistake and to write down what the sentence, paragraph, or thought should have been.  Sometimes, just a simple missing, comma can change the meaning of a thought.

So, if it can be done, I support giving group owners the option to turn editing messages on or off. 

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