locked Re: Editing messages


I would like to request a change in how re-edited posts are handled.  

Yesterday I missed the warning in yellow at the top of the editing page that reads: "NOTE: Edits will be emailed to group members. Please be considerate in the number of edits you make."

I'm very sorry about that.  When a sender goes on the website and updates an earlier post of their own, is it necessary that the re-edited or updated text be emailed out to the group (launching a near-duplicate email)?  Couldn't a group simply declare that re-edited or updated messages will not be emailed to the group (but remain on the web)?  If the sender wants to alert group members to new edits, then they can post a new message saying so. 
Mark's original 3 suggestions do not include this option:  http://groups.io/g/beta/message/6111 

I personally can see many situations for 'minor edits' (as Wikipedia calls them).  A sender wants to correct a fact/spelling/grammar/tone.  A sender has publicly embarrassed himself (hey, I can relate!) or someone else, and wants to remove the offending words.  A sender wants to delete excessive re-quoted text.  On a technical/educational/genealogical group, new information has emerged that impacts an earlier discussion (pls see Cruz on Ancestry.com).  A multi-language group encourages its members to correct their prose.  On a poetry group, the writers will forever be retweaking their text.  The larger message here is that we can re-edit with impunity.
Others will disagree, and that should be fine for their groups.  For discussions on philosophy of art, for example, post-micro-editing is crucial, uh important, uh essential, uh ...

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