locked Re: Bulk operations for hashtags #suggestion

Green Fizzpops

170 #intro tags applied individually. A dozen more tags to go.
Bulk hashtag tools would be super useful for mods like me who want to utilise the power of hashtags and have large transferred archives full of buried useful info.

On 17 Feb 2016 08:02, "Greenfizzpops" <greenfizzpops@...> wrote:

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Would it be possible to have bulk operation functionality for moderators applying hashtags?

For example
I have been searching for all threads with the words "Intro", "Introduction" "new member" etc in the topic and then individually going into each one and typing #intro into the subject. It is exhausting on a 10 year old message archive.

It would be really useful to be able to select the threads I want from search results, and then choose a hashtag to apply from a dropdown list of currently defined hashtags.


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