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Yes, of course, if you're arguing from a mdmber's perspective. What I've seen here in these discussions about inclusion of settings is people arguing, as moderators, thst they want •their members• to have this or that ability.

Furthermore, the culture of a group is up to its leaders. If a member doesn't feel comfortable with a group's rules or culture, they are free to not join if participate in it.

As you pointed out, there are already 24 K people here. This is not a one-size-fits-all place.

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What I don't understand, still, is people who argue against an option
simply because they won't use it, even when inclusion of the option
would not affect them in any way.
The use of those options would directly affect me as a member of those groups.

The design of Groups.io has to include the member's perspective, not just that of group owners and moderators.


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