locked Re: Edits, deletions, moderation, oh my!


Hi Mark 

I am still learning my way around groups.io. I hope this is the right place to chime in.

Regarding deleted items - in a group here, we would not want members editing or deleting their own posts and would not even want it if proposed edits and deletes had to go to moderators for approval first. We would like to be able to set an option which prevents members from doing those things.

Regarding approvals for actions, Since all our members are on moderation, but we do require them to upload certain charts to a particular folder, we would like to allow them to do that without having to approve every upload. Same for photos - we would want them to be able to upload photos. 

We would like all posts to go to a Pending area as they do on Yahoo, and to be able to approve, edit or reject the messages (reject with or without an explanation). Editing does not mean changing their sentences it means removing older posts from the message, or signing their names for them or other housekeeping details. Occasionally we write to the member to ask if they would make a change and repost or let us do it and then approve the message.

We would like all Files to be in alphabetical order, and since we are in the U..S. we want dates to be written Month, Day, Year - and not European style. 

We would like the site to work with Windows and Mac Chrome, Windows and Mac Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari 

I would prefer to see the word "Archives" on the left changed to "Message Board." To me, archives implies old stuff ("the dusty archives of the library"), not curent messages. I think a lot of people would think the same thing. When I first saw archives I assumed it was stored files and I kept hunting for something like "Message Board" until I gave up and concluded that groups.io only operated by email. (I wrote to you about that from a help page, asking if it was email only).  Later out of curiosity I clicked archives expecting to see some kind of storage page, and found a message board instead. I did see the word Files later. Another idea - consider renaming the Files to "Library." 

I am unable to find a place to change email preferences. I am getting all emails as the messages post, which is fine with me, but all are coming in plain text and links are unclickable. I am using Windows Mail on Windows 7. Most messages from other sources come to me in HTML with clickable links. These seem to be coming in plain text. I am hoping there's an option for html emails.

I would like to see an option to read messages threaded or flat (as they come in, chronologically). There are good uses for both, and sometimes you want one, and sometimes the other.

Searching: Should be able to search using any word you choose. Hashtags don't matter in that case. If you meant people should only be able to search for tags, I have always found that extremely frustrating. My idea of what the tag should be may be very different from the poster's idea. 

Thank you for considering these comments.

Susan B

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