locked Re: A couple of questions

Nightowl >8#

One other tiny thing if you get a chance. It would be nice to have the previous/next button at the top of the message instead of the bottom, or even in both places.

But I'm not complaining, I'm too busy reading!

Also, something to note, as you are reading using Next, if you suddenly find yourself at the current message numbers, it means there was a post deleted. I found that out, but if you put the #'s in one at a time, you get back on track.

Example, I read #19, hit next. It took me to the newest posts. Hit back, inputted #20, same thing, hit back, inputted #21 same thing, hit back, inputted #22, got back on track.

What Yahoo used to do is say "Message # whatever, doesn't exist." But I knew what was going on and it worked fine. :)


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