locked Editing messages


Hi All,

Sometimes people will tweak their messages using the Edit function and instead of doing all their changes in one fell swoop, they'll edit and edit, each time generating a new email to the group. Off the top of my head, here are some ideas about how to address this. I have not thought through all the implications of these. Just brainstorming.

- Group setting so that all edits are moderated, regardless of the subscriber's settings.
- Like we do with some integrations, hold off for a minute or two before sending out the edited message, in case another edit comes in. Only send out the last one received.
- Queue up edits and only send them out once a day, and if there are multiple edits, only send the last one.

Other suggestions appreciated.

The suggestion was made for a preview window. I don't see how that'd help, given that the edit window is already WYSIWYG.


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