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The confusion over the log-in process concerned getting my head around
the creation of a Groups IO account but then still not belonging to any
Getting a Groups.io account is very low-ceremony, about all you have to do is mention an email address and one is created. But yes, you do have to confirm your email address (account) before you can join a group or access its members-only areas by web.

I think I see the problem here.

Starting at the home page of a group with unrestricted membership, after clicking "Join This Group" button you get the page to enter and confirm your email address. As expected.

After entering one's email address and, assuming the address has no account yet, clicking the "Confirm Email Address" button you get the landing page with information about the group telling you that a confirmation email has been sent. Again as expected.

Then you receive two emails. First the "Confirm your Groups.io Account" message, then followed very shortly by the Welcome message from the group. There's possibly a slight problem with the confirmation email: while it is correct and proper that it is all about confirming one's account, it makes no mention of the group you were trying to join. I don't know how difficult it would be to customize that message to reference the group, but I feel that "Thank you for your interest in [groupname] at Groups.io" would be a lot more reassuring than "Thank you for your interest in Groups.io".

But the real problem I'm seeing happens when you click on the "Confirm account" link in that message (assuming you decide to do that next). You are taken to a page that announces that your account has been confirmed, and lists the next things you might do: Set Up Your Profile, Find Groups, and Create Your Own Groups. Nowhere a mention of the group you just joined. Even the "Your Groups" drop-list in the logo bar only says "Your Subscriptions". "Visit [groupname]" probably should be at the top of your "next steps".

So, I can see where following this entirely reasonable path may leave the new user feeling rather perplexed about whether they joined the group or not, or how to get back to the group. They do have a way back, and that's through the Welcome email. But following a garden path that leads to a brick wall isn't confidence inspiring.


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