locked Re: Interruption while composing a post



I had a member contact me because she had spent about an hour composing
a complicated message containing some how-to directions. Before she
sent the post, she wanted to check some previous messages on the same
topic. Once she left the Post Message page and then came back to it,
she was dismayed to find she had lost all of her work.
Ouch. As they say: been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

So, my request is to have some kind of a pop up message appear when you
leave the composing page that asks if you want to send the message, save
the draft or delete the message or something similar.
Good idea.
(#6058): https://groups.io/g/beta/message/6058 ;-)

Being able to save the draft would be great.
Another good idea, on the wish list:

I did give her some hints about avoiding this in the future like opening
a second copy of our Groups.io and switch back and forth between the two
of them.
Browser tabs are my salvation.

I have started to make it a practice, if I am composing a lengthy and
complicated post, to do it first in Word, edit it, and then copy and
past it into an actual post.
That's good practice with any site. Browsers/sites have long been notorious for throwing away your unsaved content at unexpected moments. Word is pretty good at auto-save and crash recovery, but the same thing can apply using an app on your computer.


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