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Armando <braille.bt4753@...>

Good idea. I run 2 lists myself. One list is when I have to approve every message because of some email addresses on my list belongs to a school email address, and I have a chat group only for blind people to chat. I haven't banned anyone yet.
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From: "Joseph Lee" <joseph.lee22590@gmail.com
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Date sent: Sun, 14 Feb 2016 10:40:02 -0800
Subject: [beta] Banning members: possibility of using regular expressions to filter out email addresses #suggestion

Hi Mark, beta testers and list admins,

There is a certain individual who used to be a moderator of several lists
with a history of disruptive behavior on other mailing lists, including
subscribing with a different address once banned, promoting music sharing
lists and so on. At one point, this individual pretended to be someone else
in an attempt to accuse forum members, but thankfully a certain email string
pattern allows us admins to ban countless email addresses from this person.

Thus I'd like to suggest a slightly more powerful way of banning members:
regular expressions (regexp). This allows forum admins to block addresses
containing certain strings at the cost of blocking legitimate addresses. If
this can be done already, could you point us to a documentation that
explains this feature?




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