locked Re: Thread View and time stamps



One way to track timing on messages if we don't know how the date and
time stamp works, is to test it by putting the date and time at the top
of your post, and when the post comes through, you can compare the two.
A useful tool for this is Levine's message parser:

In both Y!Groups and Groups@ you'll need to go through the header fields and delete the "X-" from the front of each "X-Received" line so that the parser sees them as "Received", otherwise you won't get a useful result.

In the results for a Y!Group message it is fairly easy to distinguish moderation delay from delivery delay. Groups.io doesn't show internal processing like that, so all the delays are lumped into the handoff from Groups.io to your mail service. Although that's an unfortunate result, I suspect it is actually a good thing, reflecting a much more efficient message handling process at Groups.io.


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