locked Re: Wiki Suggestions #suggestion



Can you put an abbiliity to post to the Wiki via email? For example, to
post to the Wiki, send an email to example+wiki@groups.io. Put the
title of the new page in the subject, and put the text of the page in
the message body of the email. Then, you send the email. Then, the
title and the text is posted to the Wiki.
One thing you can already do that is sort-of like this is to post your page as an ordinary message, then have a moderator "Pin" it. That will hold it at the top of the Thread View in the group, a place of prominence that may be of greater visibility than that of a Wiki page.

I've used that technique to "pin" new member information to the top of the group for ready access. And, since messages can be edited just like wiki pages, I can keep that message up to date.

Pinning is something a moderator can do through the Edit Thread button.


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