locked Re: Muted hashtags question



IIRC, it used to be that threads and hashtags were muted on that page.
I don't recall specifically, but these early threads implies that's how it was or was intended to be.

But at some point there was a discussion and I changed it to show
I may have instigated that by suggesting that the All list be as similar as possible to a union of the Threads archives from the user's subscribed groups.

I'm wondering if that was a mistake. I would like to get to a point
where we have a mailbox view, where we track read/unread messages and
don't show muted threads/hashtags.
Maybe in addition to All, Muted, and Followed, there could be an Inbox button that mirrors the email behavior (selects messages according to the Advanced Preferences options in each of the user's Subscriptions).

That could be the topmost button, demoting All to the bottom. I think All still has value as a quick way to look at the general activity in one's groups, particularly for someone who uses Following Only in most groups, so I wouldn't remove or replace it altogether.


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