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Hi Mark,
Honest, yet, respectful thoughts. Everything can be safe, and everything can be unsafe. Everything should, but not everything does have a good reputation. By inforcing such things, they will not stop people. If you want safe things, thought of blocking the people's IPS, who were the complaints about? Also, just close the groups that don't match groups.io's expectations? Maybe the groups could have owner approval? In this case, you?

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Hi All,

On Thu, Feb 11, 2016 at 10:18 AM, Anita C. <pocketcollie@gmail.com> wrote:

Just out of curiosity, could you share the general nature of the
complaints without giving away the specific list?

Recently, complaints about bullying by group owners. But my thought about
creating a CoC is more about the future than right now, and shaping the
general reputation of Groups.io groups as 'safe' places on the Internet.

Here's what I want to avoid. Reddit has a horrible reputation, for hosting
racist and sexist groups, for trolls, for a lot of nastiness. I don't want
any part of that. While not a direct corollary to Groups.io, Twitter also
has a problem with a lot of harassment. Many people don't feel safe using
those services. In the real world, many science fiction conventions
(amongst others) have realized that they need a code of conduct because bad
behavior was happening (mainly sexual harassment, I believe).

It seems to me that there are some general things that would apply to all
groups: no harassment, no racism, etc. By establishing a CoC, my hope would
be that it would head off some of this behavior. I would hope that all
Groups.io moderators would want Groups.io to have a good reputation. It
would only help you.

Does this make what I'm trying to get at more clear? Thoughts appreciated.


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