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Hmm, you have GMAIL, I have GMAIL. You've noticed, I've noticed. For me, though, they lie in spam.

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I know nothing about these internals, but I've noticed something funny going on with email threads, starting very recently, which is this: within the email thread corresponding to a Groups.io thread, messages are often missing. I've now started to wonder whether what Groups.io is doing with the headers has anything to do with this.

It's disconcerting: I'll go into email looking for the complete thread and find that messages seem missing, and have to go onto the site to find the whole thing.

If nobody else has noticed this, then forget it - I'll keep watching it. I don't have enough information yet to report the behavior in any detail, including whether or not it has anything to do with whether messages were sent via the site or via email. Regardless of that, it does seem like someone receiving single messages should always get the whole thread. ??혻


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