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Hi Mark,
I read link 1. I can see that this is somewhat different to the privacy policy, and terms of service. Its basically what is expected. I am neutral about the idea. If it is a high request, I can't see why. All I will say, though, is if someone wants to be rude, something like this will not stop them, as hard we try. Bassed on past experience, some don't even read the guide lines. I'm one of them, but then again, most of us know what is right and wrong. Those that don't, will not care, either.

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Hi All,

I believe Groups.io should have a Code of Conduct. Yes, we already have a
Terms of Service, but a Code of Conduct covers somewhat different
territory. Here are three examples of Codes that I like, to give you an
idea of what I'm talking about:


Of course, not all parts of those are applicable to Groups.io groups. Let
me stress, the goal isn't to limit discussion or topics or groups, but to
provide guidelines to keep things civil and respectful.

When I've brought this up before, some have said that they didn't think
something like this was needed. That's fantastic; you're running your
groups well! But based on complaints I'm getting through support, however,
I think Groups.io in general would benefit from something like this.

Is this a bad idea? Tell me why (respectfully, please :-) ). Otherwise, let
me know which parts of those Codes you like or don't like and I'll start
cobbling something together. If you have a favorite Code of Conduct from
somewhere else, please share it as well.

I've tagged this with the #CoC hashtag, so you can ignore discussions about
this if you wish.


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