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[Beta] New card "Quirks with implicit ownership of a subgroup." was added to list "Member Management".

[Beta] The description of card "Quirks with implicit ownership of a subgroup." was changed to:


At least that was my assumption when coding it. I didn't add subscription records for parent mods, instead I modified the permissions checks. Should I put in subscription records?

That was what I was wondering out loud.

My inclination is "yes" because that makes the truth evident (least-surprise). But I don't necessarily want to add complexity.

They'd be different from normal subs in that they couldn't be removed.

With the modified checks still in place that wouldn't be crucial - the parent group owner/mod could still exert control even if someone succeeded in removing their subscription record. But allowing that possibility violates the least-surprise.

There's a conceptual precedent: the "last owner" restriction in the parent group. In a subgroup the rule is different but the effect is the same.

What happens if the moderators don't want emails?

That's the beauty of making subscription records: the parent group owner/mod then has a recognized means to control his subgroup subscription (and notifications).

Do I default to No Mail?

Hm.. Maybe copying that person's main group subscription settings would be the most generally useful. There are bound to be groups which would wish for a uniform initial setting, but I haven't thought of a good justification for any one setting.

What happens if a moderator of the parent group is removed as moderator then? Is the sub group subscription deleted? But what if they wanted to receive email/otherwise be subscribed?

If removed or banned from the parent group then also removed from all subgroups, per the "must be a parent group subscriber" rule.

If demoted to member in the parent group then it may be best to demote that person to member in the subgroups as well. Otherwise the owners of the parent group might face a tedious chore if there were a large number of subgroups and the moderator/owner in question was demoted in the parent group "for cause".

But I don't think the person needs to lose their subgroup subscriptions due to demotion in the parent group, even though those subscriptions came about automatically because of their former role.

[Beta] The yellow label "Member Management" was added to the card "Quirks with implicit ownership of a subgroup.".

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