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Hi J_catlady,

Thank you for your kind comment.

Unfortunately, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, or something like that.  Civility is good, and I'm a big fan and supporter, but unfortunately conduct rules in this day and age have oftentimes become a tool for the politically correct and for those with an agenda of their own (liberal, conservative, or otherwise) to impose their own beliefs upon others (they also make for good paychecks for lawyers!).

In this day and age free speech is for all intents and purposes dead on many (if not most) college campuses due to codes of conduct having blurred and morphed from attempts at maintaining civility to attempts to legislate or police people's thoughts, actions, and freedom of speech.  Sadly, at one time colleges and universities were the bastion of free thinking and open discourse, though oftentimes with perhaps a liberal bent;   in this day and age as often as not the liberals use the colleges' codes of conduct to implement and enforce free speech restrictions and impose other restrictions of the few onto the many.  Sorta Big Brother'ish, sorta authoritarian, sorta the opposite of what this country (the USA) was purportedly founded and built on.  I'm not one of the far side liberal or conservative crazies, I'm a moderate and I find these attempts at PC mind, thought, expression, and action control to be repugnant.

Groups.io, like many other platforms, has the opportunity to open up channels of free discourse, thought, and expression not just here but presumably even in places (like mainland China or other oppressive countries) where the government attempts to restrict them.  A Groups.io-mandated code of conduct, while presumably intended merely to encourage civility, is no different in many aspects than the codes of conduct that many governments worldwide impose on their people in the name of keeping public order and civility.  I'm confident Mark Fletcher has no ill intent in floating the idea, I just think that it's a very, very bad idea (both in theory and ultimately in practice) to try to impose an across the board code of conduct on groups that are here for so many different reasons, with so many different viewpoints and theologies and philosophies and political bents (Ber's post #5931 explained this very well!).  Offering sample codes of conduct for group owners/moderators to consider is one thing;  mandating or imposing a one size fits all code of conduct is a totally different thing.

I feel so strongly about across the board, mandatory, imposed codes of conduct on communications platforms such as Groups.io, especially where groups can be made private and kept out of the public view, that I personally will probably stop considering Groups.io as a Yahoo! Groups replacement if a code of conduct is implemented here as I have no interest in having somebody else have final moderation authority over my groups!


Mark Bielecki 

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