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J>> But I think his "purpose" is higher than just making a buck. 

In business it is about  your reputation in business and   quality   of service  is important so you can  make money.
When you own a business   the work you put into it  is about the money and there is no room for friendship  and business.
That does not  mean  if you own a business you have to be rude to your customers or friends.
It means  priority first in  the business he is trying to get off the ground.
One has nothing to do with the other.  
 Mark may have professionals  creating a business in his website  , or a conference group.
People with  skills and Mark has to show he is a professional they can count on. 
Keeping your customers satisfied and happy is what it is all about.

For that reason a code of conduct is important to  keep his business  professional and running  in an orderly manner .
Code of conduct should shout professionalism  especially for those customers who want to   pay for his services and the code of conduct should 
be across the board for everyone   mods, members and professionals alike
 Groups  can have  different types of  code of conduct  according to the service the group provides.
But the ultimate code of conduct that Marks  puts together everyone should respect because his business is on the line.
Mark has to create a code of conduct according to the type of business he provides for everyone to include moderators and members..
Possibly a social media type of code of conduct or  code of conduct if  you  are  registered   to use his website.



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Think business when creating your code of conduct.
I can't read Mark's mind. But while I agree with everything you say here, on another level I have come to believe that Mark is thinking about more than "business." I believe he's trying to create a community with integrity. Of course, doing that will also serve his business well.  But I think his "purpose" is higher than just making a buck. 

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