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On Wed, Feb 10, 2016 at 01:08 pm, Mark Fletcher <markf@corp.groups.io> wrote:
Hi All,

I believe Groups.io should have a Code of Conduct. Yes, we already have a Terms of Service, but a Code of Conduct covers somewhat different territory. Here are three examples of Codes that I like, to give you an idea of what I'm talking about:

Of course, not all parts of those are applicable to Groups.io groups. Let me stress, the goal isn't to limit discussion or topics or groups, but to provide guidelines to keep things civil and respectful.

When I've brought this up before, some have said that they didn't think something like this was needed. That's fantastic; you're running your groups well! But based on complaints I'm getting through support, however, I think Groups.io in general would benefit from something like this.

Is this a bad idea? Tell me why (respectfully, please :-) ). Otherwise, let me know which parts of those Codes you like or don't like and I'll start cobbling something together. If you have a favorite Code of Conduct from somewhere else, please share it as well.

I've tagged this with the #CoC hashtag, so you can ignore discussions about this if you wish.




I had time to think hard on what you want. 

First you opened the pandoras box  asking for suggestions.. ha,ha,ha.. 

it's trailing off on what new features can be added to .io  groups.. lol

Think on this Mark, 

Code of conduct   should be about the kind of business a person  has

whether  that be a bakery store, retail store, Technical service ,  corporation, included  but not limited to employees  etc

You have a business you are trying to get off the ground.

Ask yourself  what  kind of quality  code of conduct YOU expect  from  the service you provide  to your customers in general.

Who are your customers: Members and moderators are your customers.

I say this because   you may have an entrepreneur member who may decide   on a premium or enterprise group.

As a moderator managing a group if  I find  a difficult member I have found myself  using the code of conduct yahoo provides for every moderator and member.


I also have a responsibility to adhere to your TOS when managing a group.. 

In truth. YOU have to decide on the kind of professional  code of conduct you want that will meet everyone using your website.

More important it should be "professional" in such a way that your   customers are impressed.

In turn I promise you, your website will be spoken about  in a good way and word of mouth is your best marketing tool.  

This is your baby Mark. "You" have to decide the code of conduct you want to meet the quality of business 

you are  working to get off the ground.

Think business when creating your code of conduct.




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