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I have seen reference to "aged out". I am trying to understand if there
is a time limit after which time a pending member will be removed.
There was some confusion on this, but there apparently is not a limit. My test group has an email address which has been in the Pending Approval list since Jan 22nd.

Is it possible to suppress the rejected message from being sent out? If
I blank the default message, does that suppress it or will a blank
message be sent?
If it is blank no message is sent.

Can the creation of polls feature be turned off or at least restricted
to only moderators?

The forgotten email link is worded in a somewhat confusing manner. The
normal practice on other sites when one clicks a forgotten password link
is to be taken to a page where the password can be reset. Here, although
one is presented with that option, it is from within the Group itself;
that is, one is automatically logged into the site.
The email sent to you contains a link that logs you into the site, and opens the profile edit page where you can set a new password. You remain logged into the site after you save your new password and may either log out or continue using the site.

I did see some comments suggesting that passwords were… I think passe
was the word used. I can't say that I've heard anything to that effect
but I would be interesting in hearing from those who agree with that
idea, how sites/accounts are to be protected if passwords are done away
With Groups.io you have the four options. You can set and use a password, together with your email address, to log in. Or you can ask to have a log in email sent to you - that message will contain a link that brings you to Groups.io and logs you in. Or you can log in using your Facebook account, or you can use your Gmail account.

The log in by email method is similar to using "Forgot Password" to log in, but it takes you to your home page instead of your profile, and doesn't require that you ever set a password.

Your login remains active for thirty days, unless you log out or delete your browser cookies earlier than that.

I have selected the option to strip attachments as I don't want any
posted within messages at my group. However I notice that an ordinary
member can still see the selection box to choose the size of the
attachments they receive.

Now obviously they won't receive any regardless of which setting they
select but if the owners/moderators have made the decision that
attachments will not be allowed, wouldn't it be simpler if members
didn't see that option?
That's a reasonable suggestion. The only downside I can see is that if the group's policy is later changed, the members won't have had the opportunity to set a reasonable limit in advance.

When a new member receives the "confirm your account" email, I think
it would be better to only have the "confirm account" link rather
than that and the option of replying to the message. Click a clear
hyperlink is simple and easy whereas more options can just serve to
confuse people.
I disagree. The advantage of the email response is that it is a simple reply and you're done. You don't have to visit the web site or do anything else.

Too, there are circumstances, especially on devices where you have limited or metered internet access, where you may want to start your subscription without having to open a browser and use the web pages.

Now I've been around the process myself when creating an ordinary member
account, I understand better all the messages about the confusion in the
process. I can't help thinking that if I and my co-owner were confused,
and neither of us are internet novices, then our members would
definitely be confused. I would much prefer the simpler and more common
set-up of simply having to provide an email address and a password in
order to join a group.
Most of those messages were confusion about the prior pages and wording. I'm curious at what point you found yourself confused with the current pages.

As I mentioned above, you can log in with your email address and a password if you want to.

-- Shal

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