locked Re: Duplicate messages bug?



This morning's message was posted by a very experienced
internet/computer user so I'm pretty sure it is not a user error on his
One clue to what's happening is in the Message-ID field in the header. Look in the View Original of the two copies in your group, and compare that field.

If they are different then the member's email system generated those two messages separately and delivered both to Groups.io.

If they are the same that doesn't tell you where the original message got duplicated. Odds are that it happened at the hand-off between the member's email system and Groups.io. If the member's system thought that the transaction failed the first time it would try again. Groups.io may have accepted the message on both attempts. But there are other possibilities, and it would take someone with access to the server logs (such as Mark) to unravel what happened.

-- Shal

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