locked Re: Code of conduct

Nightowl >8#

RS wrote:>> From a more practical perspective though, how does one enforce the CoC, and
who decides what is what?  Seems like you'd need a reporting system and a dispute resolution system.  YouTube has perpetual fun with that idea, so I am not sure what the best approach is.  What are you in a position to offer and how much of it can you automate to ease the workload?<<

I think it would fall a lot on the moderators to report. If for example, someone couldn't control the situation in their group, no matter what they tried to do, the person could be reported to Mark or support, and handled in that manner.

I also think the members should be able to report to Mark or support, as well. If one member is being harassed and the moderator in the group isn't helping, that's when it would go up a level to groups.io management.

I would also think a system where three violations/mistakes, or so, would give them a chance to learn the rules, and then if they persist, they might need to be put on moderation or banned.

Certain words, like the N word or other actual curse words could be flagged by an automated system, but if they appeared to fit in the context of a group, such as bitch in a dog group, it wouldn't be treated as a flagged word.

Just some ideas to throw out there.


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