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Dano, we are not talking here about what Mark has a right to do - it's his
system so he has a right to do whatever he likes. However, he is a reasonable
man and has asked for opinions on what we as his users would like to see. If
only other service providers and software suppliers would do the same ...

My opinion, for what it's worth, is that Mark should cover himself legally in
the Terms of Service, which we must all accept in order to use the system (The
existing Terms of Service, I believe, more than do that already). Anything
beyond that amounts to censorship, restricting what users may post even if they
stay within the law (whose law, incidentally? - this is an international
medium). I am personally opposed to any censorship of this kind, and firmly
believe that details of what is or is not "suitable" should be left entirely to
group owners/moderators.

The idea of a model code of conduct as a guide to owners/moderators is a good
idea, but it should be entirely optional, and open to modification as required
to suit each group.

Jim Fisher

On 10 Feb 2016 at 23:02, D R Stinson wrote:

Vickie, there are some rights you can't be expected to sign away. That's what
the Code of Conduct is about.

People seem to be confused about just what a code of conduct is. It has nothing
to do with group rules, although group rules are expected to conform to them. A
Code of Conduct is that small collection of rules you are expected to abide by
when you first arrive at groups.io.

doesn't matter if you belong to a group or not, the Code of Conduct still
governs your actions. If you send a rude off-list message to a moderator asking
to join a group or if you insult the help desk, that's still a code of conduct
violation, even if it didn't happen in a group. Every owner, moderator and
groups.io staff member is expected to understand and act in accordance with the

If you want to think of it in simpler terms, it's
the rules Mark expects everyone to follow in groups.io. You can set your own
specific group rules, but the Code of Conduct is above that, and Mark is the
final judge. I understand why he has that concern and I support his right to
post one for everyone to follow.

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