locked Re: A couple of questions

Nightowl >8#

Mark Fletcher wrote:>>Hmm. I liked Shal's idea to keep things on the cookie, because I don't want to have a million different preferences for people to have to check and review. But I could do the same thing with the database; when you change sort direction or message view, it could save that in the database and remember it that way.<<

That would be nice, as I shut down my computer often, it's not left on so cookies get deleted a lot. But I realize I'm different in that aspect. ;)

Mark wrote:>>This is on the single message view? There are no next/prev buttons there at the moment. Is that how you'd normally prefer to view group archives, single messages at a time?<<

Me, yes. I know it's weird, different, etc. But my biggest problem of trying to find a new place to host both MM and Hollow Tree, is that I always prefer to read messages on the actual site in chronological order, AND write message numbers down on a notepad to reply to later. So a Next, Previous would be awesome. I still want to read all 500+ messages in the Beta group, and that would make it really easier.

One thing I hated about Yahoo NEO, is I could no longer do that, and had to read everything in E-mail and post from E-mail because I could not handle the blinding white of the interface. But E-mail doesn't feel like a group, and this does. :)


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