locked Re: Sticky Posts #suggestion



You can mark a thread as sticky or closed right now. When viewing a thread, at the top right, there is an 'Edit Thread' button. There you can mark the thread sticky or closed, and change the subject. You can't currently edit any hashtags, but that update is coming this week. (Nice use of the #suggestions hashtag, btw).

I'm not sure how this would work in the message or expanded views however, since those are message based, not thread based.  Should all the messages in a sticky thread appear at the top of the message view, for example?


On Sun, Jan 11, 2015 at 10:57 AM, <dalemonator@...> wrote:

Some groups might like to be able to post certain messages or topics as "sticky" so that they always appear at the top of the list (group etiquette, hot new info, etc.).  Since not everyone's need for this would be the same, perhaps when you make a post a sticky, you could specify if it appears at the top of the Thread, Message or Expanded views or all three.  Mods and Owners would seem to make sense as the ones who could be assigned this power. 

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