locked Re: Group transfers feedback so far


Hello all,

I am wondering how feasible it would be to actually develop in the shenanigan-proof direction vs having a report and response system that people could trust.  For example, if someone is added to a group without permission, there should be a simple e-mail command to add their email to alist of "un-add-able" emails maintained by io.  So, if you suddenly find yourself getting messages from an io you did not ever plan to join, and that idea gives you problems, you have the option to disallow future direct adds for that email.  Your email goes in a list maintained by io, and you can never again be directly added. You could change this later if you join io with that same email address, using a control in your profile.  This way someone can't simply recreate the group and retry you again.  Your address is blocked at a higher level.

Perhaps add a link or command in the footer that reads:

Report This Group (which then gives you a list of options to report, ie that you were added by this owner without your permission, being spammed, abusive behvior, etc.).
Disallow All Direct Adds By Groups.io (as above, blacklists you from direct adds by any .io until you join and re-allow.)

Shenanigans are bound to happen, despite all best efforts.  I think if you make it easier for people to undo them, as well as report and prevent, they will be happy enough, and it also shows you the trends in shenanigans, so you can develop around what's actually a problem.  You might even consider an auto-suspend option if a group gets numerous complaints reported via that option, and it triggers a review by the io staff.  That does rely on you having the people, granted, but if the threshold is hit, perhaps certain summaries of data can be sent to the io admin such as if the reporting email was directly added to the group, is an io member, how long they were in the group, number of posts to the group, etc.  Review can be easy with the right data in front of you.  It could also rely on a mod of the suspended group triggering an "appeal" feature with a CAPTCHA code.  That way, if someone developed a bot of some kind, a human had to be involved to request the review.

Just a few thoughts I had while seeing how the verification process discussion was unfolding.

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