locked Database feedback, part one #suggestion


Firstly: Yay databases!

Now a couple quick thoughts off top.

Expansions to Types of fields:

  • Images
  • Hyperlinks (include ability to have text in place of the actual link, consistent with hyperlinks elsewhere in groups), which can go outside or to a group page.
  • Image List ("Flair"?) - By which I mean to suggest a way to create a fixed set of small sized graphics, selected through a drop down menu showing options.  This could be a way to add "flair" to a list without uploading a new image each time.

Suggestions about existing fields:

  • "Checkbox" field type should display as a checkbox, rather than "checked".
  • On-page editing instead of going back to the entry page.  Makes updating entries faster.  This would include the option to not only edit entries but also add columns and edit design right on the page.
  • Fixed formatting options such as (suggested on here before I think?) alternating colors between rows or columns.

Otherwise, great start!

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