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 I've been looking around for a way to better organize what features and
 bugs I'm working on/tracking. Up till now, I've been using a todo list,
 which isn't great, for many reasons.

 I'm experimenting with Trello.

I know Ticket management is not quite the same thing, but it overlaps. Is it too heavyweight a solution? Or are you not ready for User-supplied feedback in that form?

Hence what about zendesk's ticket tracker (since you're already using them)?

Same question for UserVoice, which I only ask about because I'm reasonably happy with its user experience. The ability of users to post items, comment on items, and vote on items seems like it could give you a "sense of the community" without performing explicit polls or on-list discussion.

I don't know either product from the developer side of the fence, so those are naive questions.

At work we like Fossil's ticket-tracker. That's really more geared for the development team's use, but it does provide a web UI that one can host and open to the public; with access controls for who can read or modify. Probably more fussy to set up than you want, unless you happen to already like and use Fossil as a DRCS.

 Here's the Groups.io Beta board:



I guess I'll learn some more about it. I do appreciate being able to see your "to-do" list, and I think that can help keep us up to date without repetitive traffic in the beta list. Will you be the only "Member" of that board, or is this a system that could also be used as a Feedback type of forum?

The "elephant in the corner" then is: why not the beta group's wiki page for this purpose? I see you started down that path, but I imagine that a tool like Trello, already honed for this purpose, proved to be more facile.

-- Shal

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