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Judy F.

Shal, I like that idea. One vote from me.

Judy F.
SW Florida - USA

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Hmm, ok. So should I just get rid of the 'This message has been deleted'
and any message deletion action (from the member or from the
moderator) results in the message completely disappearing?
On the other hand, what about "undelete"? Is that a feature anyone wants? To
have the feature there must be a way to find a placeholder for the message.

I ask because sometimes moderators would ask about undeleting messages
mistakenly (or maliciously) deleted by another moderator. The typical
scenario is a novice moderator who mistakes the Messages list for a kind of
personal inbox and deletes messages as he/she reads them.

Groups.io is already in better condition than Yahoo Groups in that regard,
having labeled the message archives "Archives". That helps imply that it is
a group resource not a personal one, making the mistake less likely.

If there were to be an undelete capability, I would propose that when a
member deletes their own message then either only that member can undelete
it or no one can - not any moderator or owner in either case. That is
necessary, I think, to preserve the promise that the member has the right to
remove their content. Conversely if a moderator deletes a message only a
moderator (not the posting member) can undelete it. This is necessary to
preserve the right of the group management to control the content of the

On the other, other hand, if undelete is only available to moderators (when
reversing another moderator's deletion) then the Activity log entry for the
deletion event would be an appropriate place for an "Undo" button.

-- Shal

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