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Maybe, like the advanced subscription options, these could be
considered "Advanced" moderation options that most don't have to look
I rather have control of setting that individual member..
Advance would set all the members if that is what you mean..
No. Rather, I was imagining that where the member's page in the Members list now has "Posting Privileges" and five radio buttons, we'd now need an option like that for each of the various web services. That is, "Calendar Privileges", "Photos Privileges", "Files Privileges", "Database Privileges", and "Wiki Privileges". It could be overwhelming to some (or most) moderators.

So I thought of hiding all of those controls under an "Advanced Privileges" (or maybe "Additional Privileges") expander, much as there is an "Advanced Preferences" expander just above the Posting Privileges.

Another way out would be to wrap those all together as one "Web Feature Privileges" control, rather than have fine-grained control of each web feature separately. Not as flexible, but maybe a good practical compromise.

I firmly believe though that most moderators would find it useful to keep them separate from the member's message Posting Privileges. Using that one option to control it all might seem simpler, but I'm sure in practice it would force some moderators into undesired compromises.

And Mark is sensitive to making the group controls too intricate.
I am not a computer programmer and I have respect for the work he does
but I don't understand how if it creates more work for him
I thought this group is about ideas and improvements to groups. .
I don't think his primary concern is for his own effort, I think he's more concerned that the product might become to intricate for the majority of users/moderators.

If the general perception becomes "sure Groups.io can do amazing stuff, but who has the time to figure out all those controls" then he could lose a substantial share of his market.

-- Shal

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