locked Site Updates #changelog


Changes to the site since Friday:

  • CHANGE: If someone clicks an expired login link, but they're already logged in, we redirect them to the home page and display a message telling them that they're logged in.
  • CHANGE: Added '... and can only be used once.' to the login link email.
  • BUGFIX: We didn't handle question marks correctly in directory or file names in the Files section.
  • BUGFIX: When editing a pending message that's HTML, not UTF-8 encoded, and contains HTML entities like smart quotes, the entities were not converted back properly. We now change the message encoding to UTF-8.
  • BUGFIX: When sending a message to a member, Gmail will no longer display phishing warnings.
  • NEW: Multi select multiple choice field for database tables.
  • NEW: You can select a color for each column in a database table.
  • CHANGE: Decreased the width of selects when adding rows in a database.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed IE11 on Windows 7 login issue with Email login link.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed database permissions issue.
  • CHANGE: For Emailed Login Links, ignore a list of 'link preview crawlers' that would prematurely expire the login link.

Cheers, Mark

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