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And I, on the other hand, am not worried about the message. This would probably not happen very often. 

If a message is deleted, are the members notified? 
A scenario: a message is deleted, and nothing goes to the group members, no message is put in the website showing a message was deleted. Now someone wants to follow up on that message from so-and-so, so they go to the website to find it. If there was a message about deletion, their search would be over. Having a bit of a trail is not such a bad thing!


On Jan 9 15, at 6:06 PM, Linda Star-Freedman <donlin2@...> wrote:

Hi Mark,  Neat freaks (moi) would prefer for the deleted message to be gone.  No need for: 'This message has been deleted.'  Thanks, Linda

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Subject: Re: [beta] Edits, deletions, moderation, oh my!

Hi All,

I had hoped to have the first version of this completed by today, but I ended up having to make a lot of changes to the code and it's not quite ready yet. For this version:

- Members can edit their messages, and if they are moderated (or the group is moderated), their changes will have to be approved by the moderator.
- Members can delete their messages without approval needed. Deleted messages are replaced with 'This message has been deleted'. 
- Moderators with the correct privileges can do all of this as well.
- Edits to messages are kept and are viewable/diffable, just like wiki pages.

One question for you all. Right now there is no way to make a message completely disappear. If a message is deleted, it's replaced with 'This message has been deleted.'. Should I allow moderators to completely nuke a message so that it's like it never happened?


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